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Hollywood & Broadway Come Together to
Support SYNGAP1

Bridge the Gap recently hosted their
First Virtual Livestream SYNGAP1: Patient Voices Fundraiser on Sunday, June 28, 2020

An Evening of Inclusion, Conversation, Song, Dance & Hope for all SYNGAP1 Community Members!

The fundraiser featured an incredible lineup of star-studded entertainers from Broadway, Hollywood, and Social Media.

100% of proceeds raised will be utilized to support BTG's upcoming FDA Patient Focused Drug Development Meeting  November 19, 2020.
Bridge the Gap’s International SYNGAP1 Conference provides a cutting-edge, scientific and educational
forum focused on bringing together a diverse group of SYNAP1 Community stakeholders.  SYNGAP1 Community stakeholders include - research scientists, clinical specialists, SYNGAP1 Families, industry, academic, governmentand community leaders.  

In addition, the conferences provide opportunities to bring  together scientists and clinicians actively involved in SYNGAP1 Research with trainees,young investigators, and underrepresented minorities, as well as, experts in the development of targeted therapies related to neurodevelopmental disorders.  Our goal is to increase participation of trainees,young investigators and underrepresented minorities in neurodevelopmental disorder research and to encourage the development of targeted therapies to treat SYNGAP1 and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

The conferences are designed to maximize scientific resources, encourage opportunities for collaboration and provide a forum that is inclusive for SYNGAP1 families and caregivers.  Each conference features a broad range of sessiontopics related to SYNGAP1 mutations, related neurodevelopmental disorders, published and unpublished research data and patient-centric study design. Time is allotted during each presentation for SYNGAP1 experts to lead discussions on current and future avenues of research.
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BTG - International SYNGAP1 Scientific Conference?
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Our SYNGAP1 Family Meet Ups Provide Empowering Experiences!

SYNGAP1 Parenting Meet Ups

  • Meet and Connect with other SYNGAP1 Families
  • Schedule an appointment and be seen by a SYNGAP1 Clinical Expert(s)
  • Learn about current SYNGAP1-related Research and opportunities to participate
  • Learn about resources for SYNGAP1 Patients and Families
  • Attend Educational Presentations provided by leading SYNGAP1 Clinical and Researcher Experts

BTG - SYNGAP1 Family Meet Ups provide a forum where SYNGAP1 patients/families/caregivers can connect with one another, gain knowledge about SYNGAP1-related healthcare, education, research and community resources, that will help them navigate journey.

Our goal is to ensure all SYNGAP1 Community Members feel valued, empowered and connected.

Our SYNGAP1 Family Meet Ups are structured to maximize opportunities for SYNGAP1 Patients and Families to connect with other families, SYNGAP1 Clinical and Research Experts.

Bringing all the stakeholders together, provides a unique opportunity to share information about importance of patient advocacy and how patient and family participation in ongoing research is already accelerating the pathway to better treatments.

SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up Schedule Structure
*All SYNGAP1 Family Meet Ups are Scheduled in Coordination & Proximity with a SYNGAP1 Clinical Center of Excellence
  • Appointments with SYNGAP1 Clinical Experts/Researchers
  • Scheduled Activity Time to Meet with other SYNGAP1 Families
  • All Day Mini Conference *Child Care Provided
  • Presentations by
      SYNGAP1 Clinical Experts
      SYNGAP1 Researcher Experts

SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up
SYNGAP Center of Excellence
Kennedy Krieger Institute, John Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
November 2019

SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up
SYNGAP Center of Excellence
Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas, USA
August 2019

SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up
The Patrick Wild Centre, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
June 2019

SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up
CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, Universite de Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1st - SYNGAP1 Family Meet Up
SYNGAP Center of Excellence
Kennedy Krieger Institute, John Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland, USA