Advisory Board Member

Chris Jones, PhD - Research and Registry Innovation Advisor

Chris is the Co-Founder and CEO for iTakeControl. He has over twenty years of work experience in successfully growing businesses, as well as, advising biotech industry organizations, on the adoption and utilization of innovative digital technology. Chris currently leads iTakeControl’s strategic and operational services for research, in real-world evidence and registry studies, with particular expertise in rare diseases. He spent ten years with the Genzyme Corporation, where he served as the Head of Digital Marketing Programs for Genzyme's Rare Genetic Disease Group. During this time, Chris also held senior positions within Genzyme's Medical Affairs Group, while leading the development of a new platform for their rare disease registries. Chris is excited to serve on the Advisory Board in support of Bridge the Gap and the SYNGAP1 community. As an advisory Board member, Chris will be providing expert guidance and assistance with Bridge the Gap's SYNGAP1 collaborative research initiatives and registry programs.