Advisory Board Member

Joshua Neufelder - Member at Large

Joshua Neufelder is a Mathematical Statistician with the US Census Bureau. Joshua has worked for 9+ years in various areas of statistics, mathematics, and survey methodology, with a focus in research. Before joining the federal government in 2011, he was a Combat Medical Sergeant with the US Army, having served two tours in Iraq. With his background, Joshua has 17+ years of experience in both the medical and statistical research fields lending diverse experience leading, organizing, and conducting various projects and experiments. Joshua holds an MS in Statistical Science Survey Methodology from the Univeristy of Maryland - College Park, as well as a BS in Mathematics, with additional Actuarial Specialty, from the University of Southern Indiana. Joshua has a 6-year-old daugher with a very rare de novo duplication (c.1296dupT, variant p.A433CfsX40), which includes the SYNGAP1 gene. Joshua is a member of the Bridge the Gap SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation whose primary goal is to spread awareness and research to bring treatment options to the 250+ patients with this rare disease.