Medical and Regulatory Advisor

Victoria Buchanan - Medical and Regulatory Advisor

Victoria Buchanan is a Clinical Nurse Consultant with the PULSE + PlusTM program at Partner Re. Victoria is a healthcare veteran with more than 20 years’ experience spanning all populations including managed care for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Stop-loss payers. Prior to joining Partner Re, Victoria worked for Humana for over 10 years. Victoria has experience managing catastrophic adult and pediatric cases including Oncology, Congenital Heart Disease, Transplant, and rare diseases. Victoria is an industry expert in healthcare trends, cost containment, and strategic planning. Victoria holds an MBA from Mid America Nazarene University and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Langston University as well as certification in Case Management. Victoria also has a 17-year-old son who has a very rare de novo micro-deletion (6p22.1-6p21.33), which includes the SYNGAP1 gene. Victoria is a member of the Bridge the Gap SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation whose primary goal is to spread awareness and research to bring treatment options to the 250+ patients with this rare disease.