Scientific Advisory Board

Ward G. Walkup IV, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist I, Drug Discovery & Biochemistry

Lead development of fit-for-purpose SPR, MST and biophysical assays for small molecule drug discovery (FBS/FBDD, dose response and single point kinetics, competition, ABA). Established relationships with external partners for implementation of SPR, MST and screening assays. Management of external protein production with CROs. Collaborative and innovative biochemist with research background in cellular signaling and target validation, focused on discovering novel therapeutics and drug targets. Skilled in initiating, leading, and collaborating within interdisciplinary teams to apply diverse methodologies including protein expression/purification, enzymology, biophysics (Biacore/SPR, MST, MALS), metabolic labeling, chemical conjugation, selection and NGS methods to dissect signaling pathways and validate biological targets.